A photo of the cover of the Wide Hive Release, Mayhem Mystics, by Variable Unit.

Mayhem Mystics

“The sound on this album is simply amazing. It lulls the listener into a comfort zone and then raises the stakes. The intensity is constant throughout, but it becomes apparent only now and then. Ah, the benefits of fine crafting. Quite a diving organic experience.” — Aiding & Abetting

After numerous successful collaborations between Azeem and Wide Hive artists DJ Zeph and Variable Unit, it was only a matter of time that this cohesive energy would emerge into a full album.

The results equal a beautifully crafted release from Azeem with Variable Unit known as Mayhemystics.

Wide Hive Recording Artist Calvin Keys plays guitar on “Yes We Can” and “Under Surveillance,” while guest vocalist Omega (formerly of Blackalicious) makes her Wide Hive debut.

Track Listing: 

1. Seals
2. Break it on Down
3. Rebel Music
4. Soundfield
5. What Is It?
6. Birth Right First
7. Liberation
8. Yes We Can!
9. Under Surveillance
10. Election – The Transfered Transformation
11. A Shaker A Waker
12. In Da Deep End Dance
13. The Music is The Medicine So Let it In

  • A photo of Gregory Howe at the sound board.

    Gregory Howe

    Gregory Howe founded Wide Hive Records in 1996. While primarily active as producer, mixer, and composer, Howe also performs guitar, synthesizer, turntable, voice and percussion on many recordings. From 1996 to 2024 Howe recorded and released albums for Throttle Elevator Music with Kamasi Washington, Roscoe Mitchell, Mike Clark, Dissent, Erik Jekabson, Calvin Keys, Phil Ranelin (Pharoah Sanders, Henry Franklin, Big Black), Wide Hive Players and the incomparable artist and guitarist Larry Coryell.

  • A photograph of Matt Montgomery playing bass in the Wide Hive Studio.

    Matt Montgomery

    Matt Montgomery plays the bass, writes music, and plays piano/keyboards. He has performed and/or recorded with Faye Carol, Calvin Keys, Larry Coryell, Mark Levine, Phil Ranelin, singer/songwriters Cass McCombs, Greg Ashley, Adam Stephens (of Two Gallants), Grammy-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli, and many more.

  • Variable Unit

    A photo of Variable Unit.

    Variable Unit recorded and played live from 2000 – 2005, making five albums with a collective of Bay Area talent. Seven Grain, Cold Flow, Handbook for the Apocalypse, Mayhemystics, and Mayhemystics Outbreaks. The sound for VU consisted of hip-hop, funk and turntablism.