The CD cover art for Daggerboard's Escapement.


DAGGERBOARD returns with ESCAPEMENT featuring a legendary lineup with Henry ‘The Skipper’ Franklin, Erik Jekabson, and Gregory Howe (Throttle Elevator Music), Matt Clark, and Mike Clark (Headhunters, Herbie Hancock).

On 12 new songs and orchestrations, Daggerboard ventures out from the syncopated textures of classical minimalism to explore many time signatures and musical movements all within a core of Jazz.

Wide Hive Records · Climbing In The Cocoon
Track Listing: 

Climbing In The Cocoon
Shiva's Mode
The Balance Board
Return Of The Pendulum
Olivia I
Distant Sirens
Certified Clockwork
Concrete Dim
All Cool In the Wheelhouse

In aligning himself on Kosen Rufu with such estimable figures as trumpeter Eddie Henderson and pianist Wayne Horvitz, Mike Clark displays what may well be the greatest of all his virtues, that is, his willingness to humbly immerse himself in what he is doing and, by extension, refusing to merely dabble. Thus, it's only natural these eleven tracks commence with a bracing shuffle that sounds like an excerpt from a lengthier performance, at the very point the ensemble hits its collective stride.

All About Jazz

But he’s also championed younger jazz artists, forging a particularly fruitful alliance with Berkeley trumpeter and composer Erik Jekabson, who’s served as something of a house arranger for Wide Hive sessions (including the Throttle Elevator Music series featuring tenor sax star Kamasi Washington). Jekabson’s and Howe’s latest project is their most ambitious yet, a live chamber jazz recording Friday at the Hillside Club.

  • Daggerboard

    Daggerboard picks up where Throttle Elevator Music left off with musician and writer Gregory Howe, drummer Mike Hughes guitarist Ross Howe, vibraphonist Roger Glenn, and the great Henry “The Skipper” Franklin (Blackjazz Records) on stand-up bass.

    Also featured is a string section featuring Mads Tolling. For their third release Mike Clark and Babatunde Lea join to form an all time great rhythm section below Matt Clark's brilliant Rhodes and Erik Jekabson's soaring trumpet.

Members of the Daggerboard music project.